Why we started LFCA

In the beginning of 2019, we - a group of founders from the Berlin startup ecosystem - started discussing possible actions to fight climate change in a private circle. All of us had been familiar with the topic and well aware that we are facing a problem, but except for a few personal reduction measures and political votes, none of us had taken concrete actions to prevent global warming on a bigger scale. It soon became clear to us that we want to contribute in the fight against the climate crisis, to make sure that our children and grandchildren will still be able to inhabit this planet.

Berlin 2.0 as the starting point

Boris, who is organizing the networking event "Berlin 2.0" since many years, invited Fabian Heilemann to hold a "wake-up" presentation at the next community event in summer 2019. After the presentation and during the following weeks we got a lot of positive feedback from fellow entrepreneurs who wanted to join us on our journey. We then decided to found a non-profit organization that supports our companies to systematically take climate action and signals to policy makers that the new economy is ready for stronger political climate action.