Bridging the gap between knowledge and action


Picture a world where businesses lead the way in taking ambitious steps to address climate change, spurring courage from governments and civil society. That's what gets us out of bed in the morning.


We build the infrastructure for open and collaborative climate action.

Our focus areas:
Knowledge sharing

We educate, offer guidance, and curate knowledge to help people and organizations tackle the climate crisis.

Fostering dialogue

We create platforms to facilitate dialogue between businesses, civil society, and policymakers.

Advocating for change

We develop campaigns to encourage both individuals and companies to work together for climate action.

Raising awareness

We inform the public about why climate change happens, what the impacts are, and how we can solve it.

Open source platform

We regularly develop and publish open source content on sustainability matters on our platform, accessible to everyone interested

Our beliefs

With the proper tools, allies, and mindset, organizations can have a significant impact on guiding society toward an economy designed to serve people and the planet.

Our guiding principles:

Our LFCA Academy and Knowledge Hub offer practical steps for taking action on climate change, enriched by real-world insights from our community members and others.


No single organization can achieve a net-zero future on its own. We help companies learn from one another, take collaborative action, and form alliances across different sectors and countries.


We challenge companies to go beyond incremental progress and pursue transformative change, such as innovating their business models and taking broader societal action.


We create public guides to inform the public about actions everyone can take to fight climate change. All our content is accessible through open APIs, and our financial records, governance, and activities are transparent and open to public review.